Chronicles of the Runebound

Prologue Part II

In which treachery is uncovered and deals are made.

Just as the band of hapless Runebound were about to embark, their companion Kelass was summoned away on another mission. In his place, they were given a pair of substitutes, Sova the wild elf ranger, and Zivand the oracle diviner.

Thus fortified, the team made their way across the bay to Alchemist’s Isle where they proceeded to negotiate with the butler construct Sinister (known as “Lefty” to the apprentices of the Alchemists) for entrance. While the ponderous device was making its way upstairs to consult with Master Basara, the head Alchemist of the tower, the adventurers infiltrated the first floor.

After disabling an alarm trap on a door leading down as well as helping themselves to some cloaks from the Alchemists’ closet, the party made their way down in to the depths. At the first door they failed to discover a similar trap and thus alerted the construct guardians. This led to hijinks in which Nym and Kreel led the constructs away while the remainder of the team pressed on.




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