Chronicles of the Runebound

Prologue Part II
In which treachery is uncovered and deals are made.

Just as the band of hapless Runebound were about to embark, their companion Kelass was summoned away on another mission. In his place, they were given a pair of substitutes, Sova the wild elf ranger, and Zivand the oracle diviner.

Thus fortified, the team made their way across the bay to Alchemist’s Isle where they proceeded to negotiate with the butler construct Sinister (known as “Lefty” to the apprentices of the Alchemists) for entrance. While the ponderous device was making its way upstairs to consult with Master Basara, the head Alchemist of the tower, the adventurers infiltrated the first floor.

After disabling an alarm trap on a door leading down as well as helping themselves to some cloaks from the Alchemists’ closet, the party made their way down in to the depths. At the first door they failed to discover a similar trap and thus alerted the construct guardians. This led to hijinks in which Nym and Kreel led the constructs away while the remainder of the team pressed on.


Prologue Part I
Our heroes have their lives transmuted.

The College of Transmutation is one of the least respected of the eight colleges of Wizardry. Furthermore, their remit is generally more concerned with economics than adventuring. Therefore it came as something of a surprise when this lesser college discreetly brought in a team of Runebound.

Four Runebound answered the call, the subtle shapeshifter Nym, the entirely unsubtle champion of the Ordo Candalae Scarus, the latter’s longtime rival and foil the half-drow Kelass, and the popular half-orc gladiator Kreel.

Upon arriving, the team renewed their mutual acquaintances and noted the nontraditional state of the briefing room. Kreel in particular was interested in a still set off to the side.


Eventually, the four endured a rather non-traditional briefing delivered by a giant glowing illusory head (and said head’s off screen whispering adviser) instructing them to recover “Compound X-45”, described as a purple and pink liquid in a fizzing beaker, from the Alchemists Guild who had stolen it from the Transmuters. The team was further instructed to “be discreet” while making sure the Alchemists learned not to trifle with the Transmuters.

On their way out they were given a Cupcake of Polymorph (and a number of waivers and incident reports to fill out) by an apprentice Transmuter, and instructed to make detailed notes of what happened when the cupcake was used.


Making their way to the docks, the team witnessed an explosion over the Alchemist’s lab on an island in the harbor. They also noticed that there was a perpetual rainstorm directly over the island that swiftly doused the resulting flames. After doing a little investigation, gambling, drinking, and discreet persuasion, they learned that no one but Alchemists go out to the island for fear of being exploded, that apprentice Alchemists go out once a day or so to gather supplies or deliver completed potions, and they were able to convince a somewhat drunker sailor to ferry them out into the bay without, it should be noted, letting the man know where exactly they wished to go.


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